2008 / VIDEO – 6:45 MINUTES

” Traditional beautiful screened visual images of eloquent eye gestures, […] very clever. “

Leela Ventkataraman, The Hindu Friday, 2009

This short film was shot in India in 2008 while Roger Sinha was in residence at The Attakkalari school of dance in Bangalore. The Barber of Bangalore explores the harmonious and dissonant relationship between the East and West. Using irony and humour, two arts meet : Western and Indian classical dance. The result is strange, funny and disruptive yet tender and congruous.



Design, direction and staging / Roger Sinha / Director of photography / R. Chandrashekhar / Dancers / Nithyashree K., Supriya Patankar and A.D. Ponnamma / MusicThe Barber of Seville (overture) / Performer Michael Halasz & The Zagreb Festival Orchestra

Thank you to Guru Smt, Minal Prabhu for letting us work with your dancers.

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