1996 / 30 MINUTES

” This dance piece works its magic through a highly kinetic mode of picture making. Animal, vegetable or mineral, it flows from exotic to erotic. Mad science partnering and chain reaction chemistry as the dancers stand close, often face to face moving with speed and exactitude…­ “

– Susan Walker, The Toronto Star, 1996

This memorable trio was a commission from Danse-Cité and presented at the Agora de la danse, a contemporary dance hub in Montreal. It then toured the city’s Maisons de la culture and across Canada, namingly appearing at The Cultch in Vancouver and Toronto’s Canada Dance Festival.

It was our first successful group piece, Roger Sinha’s role as a choreographer becoming more refined and giving the dancers space to bring their own experiences. His exploration of connecting trios made here never ceased to appear in his later works, where 3 dancers touch and manipulate while facing each other.



Choreographer / Roger Sinha Dancers / Alexia Bhéreur Lagounaris, David Rose, Parise Mongrain / Lighting / Caroline Ross / Wardrobe / Trac Costume / Music / Charmaine LeBlanc, Dino Giancola


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