THOK / 2002 / 35 MINUTES

“A true pleasure, aesthetically of course, but also because it draws us into an encounter with a personal and original vision. Together, the dancers perform the sequence of movements with impressive rapidity, incorporating their entire bodies. A work with multiple contrasts, beauty and fabulous energy!”

Isabelle Poulin, Le Devoir, 2002

With Thok, Roger Sinha has broadened his choreographic path by exploring the quartet and pursuing the integration of music and choreographic writing.  The movements, sounds and music made by metal balls worn on the dancers’ bodies blend together to create a tight net of communication.







Choreography / Roger Sinha / Dancers / Tom Casey, Sophie Lavigne, Roger Sinha, Lucie Vigneault / Music / Charmaine LeBlanc, Dino Giancola / Lighting / Caroline Ross / Wardrobe / Marirosa

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