Roger Sinha and Agora de la danse, an ongoing story since 1995!

10 January 2020

Roger Sinha had a very rapid career start in Montreal and immediately founded his own company in 1991, the same year as the Agora de la danse! The latter is the first permanent place dedicated to contemporary dance in Quebec and we have been presenting our works there one after the other, and the story continues!

It’s with great enthusiasm that we will make the Agora our home for the 8th time with Out of Bark and Bone, Premiering on January 22, 2020 (presale tickets until January 14). For the curious, see the photo gallery below and short clips of the works presented over time

1995 Loud sounds, soft steps, silent cries

Our history at the Agora begins in 1995. Barely founded since 4 years, the company sees its first group creation, with 2 solos and a duo in their back pocket.

1997 Burning Skin/Jardin des vapeurs

The double bill Burning Skin/Jardin des vapeurs is presented. Burning Skin had already toured since 1992 and its television adaptation was made by CBC 3 years earlier.

1999 Glace noire

Presented with a pointe dancer (Francine Liboiron), accompanied by Catherine Viau, Parise Mongrain, Gaëtan Gingras and Tom Casey.

2002 Loha/Thok

Another double bill with Loha / Thok, with the remarkable duo in Loha composed of Roger Sinha and Natasha Bakht, accompanied by live musicians Ganesh Anandan and Rainer Wiens. Thok is a quartet exploring the deconstruction of Bharata Natyam in the recognized explosive style of the choreographer, danced by Roger Sinha, Tom Casey, Lucie Vigneault and Sophie Lavigne.

(clic on the image to see the  Evening program PDF)

2004 Apricot trees exist

 Apricot trees exist Premieres from October 11 to 23. The philosophical and visionary qualities of Inger Christensen’s poem ALPHABET are highlighted through its metamorphosis into a dance work. Simple references to everyday life – trees, doves, fruit or paper – arouse deep meditative states. The daily and the wonderful coexist, just as in human existence are closely linked life and death. Sinha handles these dualities with master’s hands.

2006 Benches

2006 gives birth to Benches, with 6 performers on stage, sometimes a tango duo in the park, sometimes all devoted to the grand Game that is life. Like acrobats, the performers oscillate between falls and jumps, translating by this unstable and tense gesture the complexity of human relationships.

2011 Question de souffle et de vie

Presented from March 9 to 11, it is also an opportunity to celebrate our 20th company anniversary on the evening of the premiere (see photo of the program below)! Breath of life, breath of death … Passionate about new technologies, the choreographer directs six dancers whose certain movements trigger sound and visual effects thanks to an interactive technology.
Roger Sinha remains more than ever faithful to his artistic vision and composes a hybrid vocabulary stemming from his Indian heritage and a definitely contemporary phrasing.

2020 D’os et d’écorce

Premieres from January 22 to 25! A thrilling ensemble piece, Out of Bark and Bone (D’os et d’écorce) is an invitation to discover an enticing encounter of diverse sounds and influences. Six dancers and two musicians present a flamboyant piece rooted in breathing, voice and rhythm in a very physical performance. Incorporating certain gestures of traditional Indian dance and accentuating essential vital forces, this contemporary dance, in its intensity and energy, goes beyond divisions, affiliations or cultural identities. 

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