Sharing Dance Day 2018

10 July 2018

A great success for Sharing Dance Day in Montreal!

Journée Dansons Ensemble @Frederique Menard Aubin

On June 2nd, 2018 took place Sharing Dance Day, to which Roger Sinha participated for the third year! This day celebrating dancing for all happened simultaneously in Montreal and many Canadian cities. The event showcased an original choreography that was presented three times at the Jardins Gamelin, in the heart of Montreal, on top of many performances and workshops from Montreal schools of a variety of dance styles.

MJ Dance Company – Jazz
Djamboola Fitness – Afro Carribean Fitness
Corps et âme en mouvement – Garba dandiya
Ballet Raices de Colombia – Colombian folklore
Danse Maude Le Boulaire – Jazz
Corpuscule Dance – Contemporain & Indien (adaptadanse)
Corps et âme en mouvement – Bollywood
Sinha Danse & Corps et âme en mouvement – Bollywood
Maryse Gauthier & Roger Sinha – Kama
Ballet Raices de Colombia – Colombian folklore
Barbara Diabo – Aboriginal hoop dance
Uriel Arreguin – Latin
Strazzero Latin dance Academy – Latin Fusion

Organized by the National Ballet School, the choreography was taught during many weeks, at no cost, videos to support anyone who couldn’t go to studio. Sharing Dance Day is nation-wide, engagement program culminating in multigenerational community performances on Sharing Dance Day, the first weekend of June every year.



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