bandeau_Shuffle_4SINHA DANSE has began the month of November in Winnipeg for the presentation of Shuffle, a new choreography by Roger Sinha, exploring the clashes between improvisation and composition. In Shuffle, the dancers are connected to an iTunes playlist with multiple tracks, each of them containing detailed instructions that guide their performances. Sometimes they have to enact specific dance phrases, other times they are required to improvise to a poem, music… or, well, there might be some other surprises… Once they press shuffle, the fun begins!

The choreography was presented in collaboration with the School of Contemporary Dancers, Winnipeg. The performers Naomi Wiebe, Neilla Hawley, Julious Gambalan, Mark Dela Cruz, Emma Dal Monte, Camila Schujman, Allison Brooks and Ilse Torres were all students or graduates of the school. Special thanks to Faye Thompson, one of the directors and co-founder, who made this project possible.

Roger Sinha also led a Move & Chat session, introducing dancers of all levels to his choreographic language and creative process.

Moving Inspirations Dance Festival is an event organized by NAfro Dance Productions, directed by the energetic Casimiro Nhussi, a key figure in the dance community of western Canada. The event brings together choreographers and performers contributing to the development of culturally diverse contemporary dance forms from across Canada and elsewhere. It aims at sharing, inspiring and making better known to the public those contemporary dance styles. Sinha Danse was happy to participate to the event.

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