Sinha Danse is proud to offer teaching and workshops in its own unique style of dance. In Quebec and across Canada, Sinha Danse is synonymous with the practice of western contemporary dance and Indian dance, as well as with cultural diversity. The company is also known for being a major player in the training of dancers and raising public awareness about dance.

Sinha Danse has a wealth of expertise in teaching and cultural mediation and is pursuing its work with dance students, as well as with a diverse public including non-professional dancers.
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Teaching technique classes


Sinha Danse has been invited to teach at various educational institutions providing technique classes as well as choreographic commissions. Roger Sinha is passionate about training young professionals. In Canada and abroad, he has taught in many institutions and schools, where he is able to share his unique technique which combines contemporary Western and Indian dance forms.

Goals and content

The students will develop a greater sense of precision and rhythm by working with detailed and percussive movements.

Contemporary technique movements:
torso, hips, as well as leg extensions, leaps, and spins

Indian technique focuses on:
mudras (precise gestures with the fingers and hands)
rhythmical elements where the dancers strike the floor with their feet

Clientele and format

Ages: 12 and up
Technical classes, repertory, choreographic commissions
Universities, dance programs, High schools, dance schools, studios, festivals
Length: varies according to the organizations’ needs
Language: French / English / bilingual



Dance is a language. What language do you speak?

Led by Roger Sinha, a true multi-linguist of dance, this interactive workshop introduces children to a range of dance styles. They discover their sense of rhythm and create their own choreography inspired from day to day movements including sports. Dancing through diversity is also an invitation to discover themselves and the Other.

Goals and content

  • explore dance as a universal language
  • increase self-expression and self-esteem
  • develop creativity
  • open up to cultural diversity
  • learn dance vocabularies from: ballet, contemporary, Indian, hip hop, Argentine tango, and karate

Clientele and format

Ages: 3 to 10 years old (3 to 5-year-old accompanied)
Group size: 30 children maximum
Duration: 45 minutes
Location: classroom, gym, etc.
Language: French / English / bilingual
Technical requirements: white or light colored wall for video projection (projector can be provided), sound system

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