Donating to Sinha Danse means participating in the mission of a contemporary dance company rooted in cultural diversity, Going Beyond Borders and Boundaries for over 30 years! 

Roger Sinha’s choreographies are inspired by his Indian cultural heritage and are recognized in Canada and internationally for their technical and artistic excellence. United by the universal language that is dance, our team comes from all corners of the world, from artists on stage to collaborators, employees, and our board of directors.


I’m so happy to be defending Roger Sinha’s artistic work for four and a half years now. He inspires me by his daring and authentic personality, his passion for the performing arts is so pure and natural, in all its plurality!

Yaëlle Azoulay

Dance Booking Director, Agence Résonances

We need you more than ever! One year since the pandemic restrictions were lifted and we are slowly getting back on our feet. Thanks to last years contributions, we were able to continue our activities including an exclusive project that Roger Sinha and film director Damien Siqueiros have been working on. As a team, we do our best to use these periods of hardship to transform energies and keep creating…

30+ years of Dancing Beyond Borders and Boundaries. Connect with creativity, it’s within everyone’s reach!

Here are some of the latest achievements during 2021/2022 : 

  • Come back of 2020 show: Out of Bark and Bone after 2 years 
    • remounting the piece 
    • training new dancers
  • First dance film 2M/Solitudes inspired by the realities created by Covid-19

To go further, we need your support!

Your donations help us accomplish our mission from the creative process to the presentation of shows and special events.

  • Continue the diffusion of Out of Bark and Bone 
  • Adequat promotion and diffusion of the coming movie 2M/Solitudes 
  • Finish creation of the show 2M/Solitudes 

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    • $ 55 and more: Receipt + thank you + digital album of vintage photos since SD’s creation
    • $ 100 and more: Receipt + thank you + digital album + symbolic gift 😘
    • Tax receipts will be issued for all donations over $ 25, received by December 31. Our charity number is 130940034RR0001.

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International Giving Day -Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Sinha Danse has been participating in this day of action for several years. It has since become an essential date in our calendar. Each year it enables us to come in touch with our donators, collaborators, public…

This year, we are counting on you! 


30th anniversary interview with Roger Sinha

A special thank you to the our collaborators without whom, in both social distance and proximity, none of the three big projects of the year would have not seen the light: 2M the show, 2M/Solitudes the movie, and last but not least the new adaptation of the show Out of Bark and Bone.

A big thank you also to our friends from PPS Danse for sharing with us the lovely space on Casgrain! We are delighted to continue our adventure with you.